Giant Pumpkin – world record

Giant pumpkin weigh-off competition

Giant pumpkin weigh-off competition

As recently as 1983,  the world record for largest pumpkin was still less than 500 lbs.

Just twenty-nine years later, 2012, the world record had increased four fold … 2009 lbs, established at the Topsfield Fair.  The first pumpkin ever to weigh more than one ton.

The photo here shows the giant pumpkin weigh-off competition at the 2012 Deerfield Fair.  A new world record was established, but the record only lasted one day, as the record was beaten the very next day at Topsfield Fair.  (Happily, I was preset at both these competitions.)

In 2014, the title moved to Europe.  2323 lbs, grown in Switzerland.



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