Photography Portfolio – part 2

(This is the next installment following Photography Portfolio – part 1.)

Having sent out two sets of images, each to a different lab for printing,  I have received both sets of prints.  They all look great.  Both sets were printed on archival inkjet paper, but two different brands … Epson Premium Luster for the sports images and Museo Silver Rag for nature/landscape.  Premium luster is a lightly coated paper with a very slight pearl texture.  Although I have seen Museo Silver Rag referred to as luster, I am inclined to say that it is semi-matte (one notch below luster), with a subtle sheen and subtle paper texture.  The density of black color is not as good on Silver Rag (compared to the Epson Premium Luster), but is quite good considering this is an uncoated paper.  In retrospect, I am very happy with both choices.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park


For sports images, I mounted each to a pure black presentation board.  The presentation boards were pre-cut to size and are solid black through the core.  From the print lab, each print had a broad white border; I trimmed down the borders to maybe 1/16 inch before mounting to boards.

For nature images, I did not want black or white, so I selected an off-white color mat board.  General-purpose mat board can be inexpensive, but depends upon the particular board.  Sheets 32×40” may cost less than $9. But this is only practical if you have the tools to easily and accurately cut the boards.

All said and done, including shipping, 32 prints cost me more than $400. Mounting boards cost an additional $1.20 – $2.00 per print.  A spray-can of adhesive can cost as little as $10 for non-archival and as much as $20 for acid-free archival.   Because a portfolio is not meant to last forever, there is no point in spending extra dollars for acid free adhesive or acid-free mounting boards.

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