If you have not yet heard of CreativeLive, you are really missing out!
Free training on a wide variety of subjects: studio portraiture, food photography, wedding photography, film-making with DSLR, Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, making eBooks.   Great instructors such as Art Wolfe, Zack Aris, Vince Laforet.

This weekend’s 3-day class is taught by Gail Tattersall, director of photography for film and television (

It’s simple.  Go to, see what classes are coming soon.
Four ways to learn

  • to attend in-person (Seattle WA), you can apply per each class
  • watch live for free on the internet
  • watch re-broadcast free at the end of the day
  • purchase video download

The internet video stream is available in two different sizes, standard and low-bandwidth.
A smart phone or iPad should handle the low-bandwidth stream just fine.

If you want to have the video permanently, you can purchase video download.  In fact, this is how CreativeLive operates as a buisiness.  The content is so good, many people pay for the video. 

I’ve been happily learning from CreativeLive classes ever since their first 3-day class more than a year ago.  Back then, there were some technical glitches (e.g. loss of audio), but those days seem to be long gone.  The reliability of the internet video stream has been really solid.  More important, their instructors and class content have been stellar.


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