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Boston Spring Blooming

Boston is buzzing with the bright colors of flowers and flowering trees.  Hands down my favorite time of year in Beantown. The crown jewel is probably Boston Public Gardens, but there is much more.  The Esplanade along the Charles River … Continue reading

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Video Edit using Sony Vegas

Last month, I shot video of a stage performance (link: Videography of a Stage Performance).  To edit the video and create a video disc, I have been using new software (different than what I have used in the past), Sony … Continue reading

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Videography of a Stage Performance

A few weeks ago, I did photography and videography of a stage performance.  Most of the still photos were shot during rehearsals, so that I had freedom to move around and use electronic flash.  Most of the video was shot during … Continue reading

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External Battery for Camera Flash Performance

An electronic flash strobe, powered by AA batteries, will slow down sooner than you or I expect.  Recycle time, the time from one flash to the next, will become longer as power is drained from the batteries.  (And if you … Continue reading

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Photo Printing on a Deadline

Having a need to get some prints done quickly, I employed a print lab that offered the paper I wanted at a good price.  Unfortunately, they overcharge for 2-day shipping and also charge a $25 fee for a rush order.  Really?  $70 … Continue reading

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Photography Portfolio – part 2

(This is the next installment following Photography Portfolio – part 1.) Having sent out two sets of images, each to a different lab for printing,  I have received both sets of prints.  They all look great.  Both sets were printed on archival … Continue reading

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Photography Portfolio – part 1

If you have a set of images, is that a gallery or a portfolio?  To my thinking a gallery can be any set of images, they need not even be related in any strong way.  In contrast, a portfolio is … Continue reading

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Photographing Freestyle Ski Jumping

Very excited to photograph freestyle ski jumping this week! For photography, winter can be dull, particularly if there is no snow … the grey season, the season of sticks without leaves. But NOT this week. This is an international event sponsored by … Continue reading

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Cost of Shooting Film

Cleaning out my file cabinet, I found 15-yr-old receipts regarding film.  I discarded them today, but it is interesting to note how much it cost to shoot medium format film (120 and 220 rolls).  I did not look at current pricing … Continue reading

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History of DSLR cameras

Some photographers are very brand-loyal and biased, particularly regarding Nikon and Canon.  All I can say is … thank goodness for Canon AND Nikon, competetively driving each other to create excellent cameras. Here are a few highlights from the history … Continue reading

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