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Video Edit using Sony Vegas

Last month, I shot video of a stage performance (link: Videography of a Stage Performance).  To edit the video and create a video disc, I have been using new software (different than what I have used in the past), Sony … Continue reading

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Videography of a Stage Performance

A few weeks ago, I did photography and videography of a stage performance.  Most of the still photos were shot during rehearsals, so that I had freedom to move around and use electronic flash.  Most of the video was shot during … Continue reading

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External Battery for Camera Flash Performance

An electronic flash strobe, powered by AA batteries, will slow down sooner than you or I expect.  Recycle time, the time from one flash to the next, will become longer as power is drained from the batteries.  (And if you … Continue reading

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Photo Printing on a Deadline

Having a need to get some prints done quickly, I employed a print lab that offered the paper I wanted at a good price.  Unfortunately, they overcharge for 2-day shipping and also charge a $25 fee for a rush order.  Really?  $70 … Continue reading

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Photography Portfolio – part 2

(This is the next installment following Photography Portfolio – part 1.) Having sent out two sets of images, each to a different lab for printing,  I have received both sets of prints.  They all look great.  Both sets were printed on archival … Continue reading

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Photography Portfolio – part 1

If you have a set of images, is that a gallery or a portfolio?  To my thinking a gallery can be any set of images, they need not even be related in any strong way.  In contrast, a portfolio is … Continue reading

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Photographing Freestyle Ski Jumping

Very excited to photograph freestyle ski jumping this week! For photography, winter can be dull, particularly if there is no snow … the grey season, the season of sticks without leaves. But NOT this week. This is an international event sponsored by … Continue reading

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Cost of Shooting Film

Cleaning out my file cabinet, I found 15-yr-old receipts regarding film.  I discarded them today, but it is interesting to note how much it cost to shoot medium format film (120 and 220 rolls).  I did not look at current pricing … Continue reading

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History of DSLR cameras

Some photographers are very brand-loyal and biased, particularly regarding Nikon and Canon.  All I can say is … thank goodness for Canon AND Nikon, competetively driving each other to create excellent cameras. Here are a few highlights from the history … Continue reading

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Giant Pumpkin Festival

At the tail end of September this year, I photographed a couple of events where giant pumpkins were weighed in competition.  I overheard a fellow make a comment about one particular giant, “There’s something weird about that one.”  I leaned over and offered … Continue reading

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