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How to Print Photographs

You have three primary options for printing digital photographs on paper; I will offer a bit of insight to each of these. Have a photo lab print it onto photographic paper Have a photo lab print it via inkjet printing … Continue reading

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Bread Art (Photographing Bread)

For the purpose of illustrating a theme, I was recently offered the task of photographing bread. Here are the steps in making this image. Although I originally thought this shoot might require actually baking my own bread, I quickly discarded … Continue reading

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Photography promo card

Here’s a marketing/promotional item I created recently.   This accordion card has 5 pages front & back, for a total of 10 faces.  The five images you can see on this side are scenic photos.  The other side has four … Continue reading

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Winter Light (photography)

The grey season.  In the northeast, wintertime without snow is a drag, particularly for outdoor photographers.  I need some snow here.  Not just on the ground – we need snow sticking to tree branches. This winter has brought a fair … Continue reading

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Memory Cards – What Speed Do I Need?

The photo here shows some of the memory cards I have used in my digital cameras.  The oldest is the SD card at center, rated at 20MB/sec.  The newest and fastest is at the top (SanDisk, CF card), rated at … Continue reading

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Giant Pumpkin – world record

As recently as 1983,  the world record for largest pumpkin was still less than 500 lbs. Just twenty-nine years later, 2012, the world record had increased four fold … 2009 lbs, established at the Topsfield Fair.  The first pumpkin ever … Continue reading

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Drones for Aerial Photography, under $2000

The term “drone” is commonly used in pop media, more common than alternative terminology UAS (unmanned aircraft system) or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).   To my mind, a drone implies an automated military device – I prefer the term quadcopter. As far … Continue reading

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Forest Service fee for any photography in national parks ?

  The National Forest Service wants to charge you a large fee to make photographs on national lands (national forests or national parks).    The proposal covers “still photography and commercial filming” … without any further clarification, that seems to include … Continue reading

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Canon EOS 7D mark II … is finally real

A month ago, I wrote of the Canon rumor mill and the forthcoming EOS 7D mk II.  Today, Canon officially announced that camera. With 65 auto-focus points, your subject can anywhere in the frame (far away from center) and still … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing – The “Buzz” Around New Cameras

Regarding possible upcoming cameras, the rumor mill regarding Canon cameras is ridiculous. Back in 2007, the rumors were circulating about the upcoming EOS 5D mark-II, which was not actually available until 2009.  Sometimes, I wonder if the manufacture is secretly … Continue reading

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