Wedding (part 2)

As I did previously promise to post some images, here is the first one.  As *the* photographer, I can position myself in places other people cannot and this here is a good example.  However, I try not to stand in between the guests and their view of the ceremony.  (A friend told me of a recent Indian wedding where the videographer setup his tripod directly behind the bride and groom, blocking the guest view during the entire ceremony!)

It is also a good example why I do not want to use electronic flash during the ceremony; up close like this, it would be intrusive.  The lighting here is entirely ambient light.  Any problems such as faces in shadow, can be compensated in post-processing.

(click the image for a larger view)

Wide-angle zoom @ approximately 23mm.  f\4.5  1/80sec.

I should point out that a lens can present a different perspective depending upon the particular camera.  This camera has a “full-frame” sensor and provides a wider angle of view compared to the same lens on a crop-sensor camera.  To achieve the same perspective on with an APS-C crop, I would need a 14mm lens.

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