Wedding (part 1)

Photographing a wedding is hard work, particularly if you are working alone.   I arrived on scene at 11am and departed shortly after 6pm.    Although I was invited to an “after party” …  I was dead tired, so went home.

My general rule of thumb is no flash during the ceremony … up until the exit down the aisle.   This requires a minimum ISO of 1250, so a camera with good low-light performance is essential.   The last time I photographed a wedding, I used ISO 6400, but this requires post-processing to clean up the noise.  This time around, I managed to keep it down around ISO 2500, but I lost a couple shots due to motion blur.

Will post some images later  (after I finish the post).   The shoot was 7 hours, so I figure the post-processing will require about the same amount of time.

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