Waterworks – rowboat drifting

Drifting rowboat, Deer Isle Maine

Drifting rowboat, Deer Isle Maine


A print of this image will be exhibited in a juried art exhibit this month.  The framed print is 18×24 inches.  The uframed print is 12×18 inches (because that is what I can print on my 19″ Epson printer).

This is a composite of three images while the camera was fixed on a tripod.  As I was working, the row drifted around its mooring. The reflection at the top of the frame is from a lobster boat.  I feel that the lobster boat serves to anchor the image, while remaining abstract enough not to be a distraction.

The exhibit at Maryland Federated Art is entitled “Waterworks”.   With a total of 580 pieces submitted, the jurors selected 54 for the exhibit.  I submitted two, one of which was selected.  Here is a link to all the works in the exhibit:

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