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Demystifying Cameras … DSLR, Mirrorless, EVIL, etc

Let’s clear the air. Is the DSLR dead? And what exactly is a DSLR anyway? Ten years ago, most people assumed that DSLR meant “really good camera”. (Some folks still believe this.) Over the past three years, numerous commentators have … Continue reading

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History of DSLR cameras

Some photographers are very brand-loyal and biased, particularly regarding Nikon and Canon.  All I can say is … thank goodness for Canon AND Nikon, competetively driving each other to create excellent cameras. Here are a few highlights from the history … Continue reading

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River Video using a DSLR and CineMover

Recently travelling through northern New Hampshire, I was driving along the Ammonoosuc River shortly before sunset.  This short video is a compilation of shots all filmed that evening along the river.  The key scene is a dolly move along a … Continue reading

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