River Video using a DSLR and CineMover

Recently travelling through northern New Hampshire, I was driving along the Ammonoosuc River shortly before sunset.  This short video is a compilation of shots all filmed that evening along the river.  The key scene is a dolly move along a metal bridge. 

Driving that evening, I was looking for photo opportunities along the river when I spied the new bridge next to the old bridge.  Then I noticed the long smooth railing and and remembered that I had the CineMover dolly with me. 

 The CineMover is an inexpensive dolly created by J.G. Pasterjak.  Take a look for yourself here:


The CineMover is designed with vertical wheels and horizontal wheels, ideal if you have a long flat rail with a square profile.  However this railing here did not entirely favor the CineMover as the railing shape is basically a half oval.  There is nothing here to insure that the wheels track straight.  Additional care was required because the rail had a significant dent that could easily cause the rig to jump a bit.  But after several attempts, I managed to keep the rig mostly level along the 12 or 15 feet of uninterrupted rail; this move is not flawless, but it is pretty nice shot!

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2 Responses to River Video using a DSLR and CineMover

  1. Daniel Cornell says:

    Kevin, what beautiful photos and video. I’m a classmate of your Dad’s from McLean, Keep up the good work. dan

  2. Michael Peirce says:

    Very nice video, Glad you had a chance to take in all the beauty our state has to offer. This is why Aunt Sue and I live here. Every day there seems to be a new scene unfolding before our eyes. So glad you captured a little piece of the magestic landscape that New Hampshire has to offer. Hope all is well with you.