Photography promo card

Here’s a marketing/promotional item I created recently.

Accordion card

Accordion card


This accordion card has 5 pages front & back, for a total of 10 faces.  The five images you can see on this side are scenic photos.  The other side has four event photos, two sporting events, and two non-sport.  The last panel has info about me, including my contact info.

The quality of the piece is excellent.  I am very pleased with how it printed.  It was printed by Miller’s Lab on “classic felt” paper, 130# / 325 GSM.  Each folded card is 3.5 x 5″. In retrospect, I am very happy with the size; small enough to fit in any pocket, yet large enough that the photo quality is clearly evident.  Although Millers does offer an optional coating on the felt paper, I had their paper samples in hand and judged that a coating wasn’t necessary; I am glad for that decision. Unfortunately, the lab does not fold them, as you can see the flattened cards in the background of the photo here.  I had to fold them all.  Envelopes are provided.

Here are a few vendors that provide accordion cards.
# of pages / # of panel faces / dimensions

Apollo      …     4  /  8  /  4.25×5.5″
Miller’s    …     5  /  10  /  3.5×5.5″
Miller’s    …     3  /  6  /  4.25×5.5″
Miller’s    …     3   / 6  /  5×5″
H+H        …     4  /  8  /  4×5.5″
Bay Photo  …  3  /  6  /  5×7



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