New England Autumn Foliage Season

Autumn foliage in New England

Autumn foliage in New England

I love autumn in New England.  The colors of the leaves here are world famous.  The reason is the large number of sugar maple trees and a good number of red maple trees.

If you are planning your fall vacation, there are a some good web sites that can help, but most are simply reporting the foliage as it is right now rather than forecasting when peak color will manifest.
Here’s a reasonably good map that I found helpful:

Peak Fall Foliage Map

Do keep in mind this is based upon past years and not necessarily an accurate prediction for this year.  As they say in the stock market, past performance does not guarantee future results.

I’ve read multiple suggestions online that the color could be particularly vibrant this year, considering this year’s temperatures and rainfall.  Eastern Massachusetts experience significant drought during 2016 …  but not so in 2017.

Also consider the night temperatures are still warmer than usual. Tonight, temperature will finally drop into the 40s but warmth returns this weekend.  This may mean peak color will be a bit later than usual.

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