Local Camera Store

Having a local camera store is very nice; not everyone does.  North of Boston, there are a few.  My preferred store is Hunts Photo & Video, in Melrose.  Calumet has a store in Cambridge.  There are a few more stores directly within the city of Boston.  I have a friend who lives in Newton and he likes Newtonville Camera (but I have never been there).

More than a decade ago, Hunts would hold an annual camera show at the World Trade Center in Boston.  That was a terrific event!  But since they have ceased to do that show, they hold a small event twice per year in the Melrose store … and I believe once per year in their other locations.  This weekend is one of those events. There are several educational presentations throughout today and tomorrow, but only one that I thought might be interesting to me.  Honestly, the autumn event is better than the spring event.

I spoke with a Canon representative regarding the EOS 5D mk III.  Special pricing was a mere $50 rebate (or discount, I’m not sure).  That’s trivial.  If they have the camera in stock (I expect that they did have a few, but did not ask), that is more significant than a tiny discount, less than 3% the camera pricetag.  I did not bite.  While I may someday buy a 5D mk III, my current battery grip E-6 (which fits the 5D2) will not fit the 5D3; the cost of a new BG-E11 adds 10% to the cost of a 5D3 body.  (For me, the grip is a must-have accessory.)

I spoke with an Epson rep regarding special pricing on the 3880 printer. He said the price is $1230, but as an Epson rep, he would take off $80 because he can.  With a $250 rebate, the final price is $900.  A good price, but is no better than what anyone can order from B&H any day of the week.

In the end, I purchased nothing today. (But I might yet return and trade in an old Gitzo ball head for a new fluid head.)

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