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Drones for Aerial Photography, under $2000

The term “drone” is commonly used in pop media, more common than alternative terminology UAS (unmanned aircraft system) or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).   To my mind, a drone implies an automated military device – I prefer the term quadcopter. As far … Continue reading

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Forest Service fee for any photography in national parks ?

  The National Forest Service wants to charge you a large fee to make photographs on national lands (national forests or national parks).    The proposal covers “still photography and commercial filming” … without any further clarification, that seems to include … Continue reading

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Why I Went To Maine

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What is that beautiful tree?

May is the month for flowering trees!   You’ve probably seen a few lately.   Some of my friends don’t seem interested in specifically what type of tree they are looking at … but I certainly am interested. How about the photo … Continue reading

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Gear Guide – Remote Flash Triggers

Oh, this is a very handy list !  Three nice lists actually …. Link to the guides -> Guide to Flash Triggers 1) FLASH TRIGGER GUIDE – MANUAL RADIO TRIGGERS 2) FLASH TRIGGER GUIDE – TTL & REMOTE MANUAL RADIO … Continue reading

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Stock Photography – Photographers Cry Foul!

Photographers are crying foul, rightfully so … but let’s try to understand what’s going on by stepping back and looking at the big picture. Why has Getty done this … and will other agencies follow suit? The full text at … Continue reading

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Oil Painting Effect on a Photograph

Toying around with some software filters, I arrived at a painterly effect that I really love … in just 5 minutes.  I’m not trying to put painters out of business – just having fun. I started with an image from … Continue reading

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Softening a Photo with Bokeh 2 (by AlienSkin)

Last winter, I did a bit of backyard bird photography. Attached here is one of those images, where the bird looks quite good, but the background is distracting. As this was shot from my kitchen window, there was nothing I … Continue reading

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New Domain Name For Your Website

Maybe you wanted a web domain name <YourName>.com, but it was taken by someone else. This conflict is being blown apart, beginning in 2014 and onward. There are more than 1600 applications to create new top level domain names. Think … Continue reading

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Epson Printer

A year ago, I almost bought an Epson 3880.  Last week, I did buy an Epson printer, but opted for the 3000 instead of the 3880. Here is are a few reasons: (1) the 3880 will print 17×22 paper, which … Continue reading

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