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Winter Boots

If your photography travels this winter will take you down a trail or up a mountain, here’s a short summary of winter footwear for both warmth and safety. Winter boots are also known as snow boots or pac boots. These … Continue reading

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Mo’ Gitzo

This week I took advantage of a trade-in program offered by Manfrotto and Gitzo, to replace my small tripod with smaller “traveller” model, small enough to pack in a suitcase. I tend not to be brand-loyal about anything, though I … Continue reading

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River Video using a DSLR and CineMover

Recently travelling through northern New Hampshire, I was driving along the Ammonoosuc River shortly before sunset.  This short video is a compilation of shots all filmed that evening along the river.  The key scene is a dolly move along a … Continue reading

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Panasonic Lumix G3

A picnic this week provided opportunity for my fIrst test drive of the Panasonic Lumix G3. I am very pleased with the ease of use and the image quality. I was super impressed by the face-detection auto-focus and the LCD-touch-screen … Continue reading

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Camera Upgrade – Panasonic G3

Across two decades, I have owned/used three film cameras, two digital cameras, and one video camcorder.  Recently, I acquired a new camera to replace my old digital compact.  The new camera is a Panasonic Lumix G3.  The G3 is a … Continue reading

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Wedding (part 2)

As I did previously promise to post some images, here is the first one.  As *the* photographer, I can position myself in places other people cannot and this here is a good example.  However, I try not to stand in between the … Continue reading

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Wedding (part 1)

Photographing a wedding is hard work, particularly if you are working alone.   I arrived on scene at 11am and departed shortly after 6pm.    Although I was invited to an “after party” …  I was dead tired, so went home. My general … Continue reading

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Colorado Wildflowers book

Here is the new wildflower book (the images are from 2007, but I just created the book this month).   The link below provides a preview of the book.   It is a thin little book with 36 wildflower images.  (Yes, you … Continue reading

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Different Light

In some parts of the world, the weather is known to change quickly and people often say: If you don’t like the weather … wait a few minutes.  With regard to outdoor photography, the same thing can often be said about … Continue reading

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When the Light is not quite what you want

Friday evening, as Hurricane Irene thrashed the coast of Florida, the weather in New England was clear and the warm glow of the setting sun raked across the land.  I went a short distance down the road to photograph the river.   But, to my … Continue reading

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