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Cost of Shooting Film

Cleaning out my file cabinet, I found 15-yr-old receipts regarding film.  I discarded them today, but it is interesting to note how much it cost to shoot medium format film (120 and 220 rolls).  I did not look at current pricing … Continue reading

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History of DSLR cameras

Some photographers are very brand-loyal and biased, particularly regarding Nikon and Canon.  All I can say is … thank goodness for Canon AND Nikon, competetively driving each other to create excellent cameras. Here are a few highlights from the history … Continue reading

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Giant Pumpkin Festival

At the tail end of September this year, I photographed a couple of events where giant pumpkins were weighed in competition.  I overheard a fellow make a comment about one particular giant, “There’s something weird about that one.”  I leaned over and offered … Continue reading

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Motion Blur Sports Photography

Most sports photography employs fast shutter speeds, to freeze the action.  But where there is motion, I want to show that.  A slow shutter speed allows movement to blur.  Here are a couple examples from a bicycle race last weekend … Continue reading

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Custom Photo Wallpaper

The image of the Boston skyline was created with a full-frame DSLR, a 400mm lens, and a tripod.  Twelve separate frames were stitched together (using Adobe Photoshop) into a single image. The final result was a single image 16,000 x … Continue reading

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Pixel RW-221 wireless remote camera trigger

Some situations require remotely triggering a camera.  The RW-221 is an inexpensive remote trigger.  It looks well made and worked well in my initial testing, however … the first time I ever used the RW-221 for a real shoot, it broke. … Continue reading

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Novoflex Super-Telephoto Lens

Recently, my friend Tom loaned me a vintage Novoflex super-telephoto lens.  Since he already had adaptors for both Nikon and Canon EOS, we had no trouble fitting it to my full-frame Canon DSLR. The Novoflexar pistol-grip lens, originally made in … Continue reading

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Ultimate Lens for Sports & Wildlife

There are telephoto lenses and there are telephoto zoom lenses. Then there are tele-extenders which increase the magification of a lens. And … then there is this; three telephoto zooms in one lens. However, it is still not available today, … Continue reading

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Essential Photo Gear

Among my photo equipment, perhaps the most critical accessory is also the simplest …  something to clean lenses and filters.  For this purpose, the microfiber cloth is the preferred tool.  Microfiber cleaning cloth for optical usage (cameras, eyeglasses, electronic display … Continue reading

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Giving (maybe seems a little crazy?)

This morning, I gave away ten copies of my book Wildflowers of RiverPark.  When I completed this book, a bit more than two months ago, I gave away a dozen copies.  All totaled, this is more than $300 out of … Continue reading

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