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Why I Went To Maine

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Book Marketing – Using a QR Code

I recently published an eBook, a travel guide.  You can see it  here: on If you write a travel guide to any place, the smart play is to sell a print book in a gift shop at that place.  … Continue reading

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Vinalhaven Book

My new book is now available as a Kindle ebook via the Amazon on-line store.  Readable on any device (iOS, Mac, Android, Windows) using the Kindle app (free). Link to the book on (US): See Vinalhaven Island Visitor Guide … Continue reading

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Ultra-HD – Cameras For 4K Video

Until now, 4K (also known as ultra-high-definition, or UHD) was the realm of cinema … movie theaters.  But 4K televisions began to enter the retail stores in 2013.  We will surely see more of this in 2014. In parallel, we … Continue reading

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How to replace the lens of a GoPro Hero camera

The lens included with a GoPro Hero 3+ has a focal length of 2.5 mm and has a field of view akin to a 14mm lens on a full-frame DSLR. It is “fisheye”. You can set the camera to a … Continue reading

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What is that beautiful tree?

May is the month for flowering trees!   You’ve probably seen a few lately.   Some of my friends don’t seem interested in specifically what type of tree they are looking at … but I certainly am interested. How about the photo … Continue reading

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Lightroom for mobile devices

THE must-have application for photographers, Adobe Lightroom, is now available for mobile devices.  The version for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) is released and the version for Android devices is still in beta test.  The beta for Android devices is … Continue reading

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Gear Guide – Remote Flash Triggers

Oh, this is a very handy list !  Three nice lists actually …. Link to the guides -> Guide to Flash Triggers 1) FLASH TRIGGER GUIDE – MANUAL RADIO TRIGGERS 2) FLASH TRIGGER GUIDE – TTL & REMOTE MANUAL RADIO … Continue reading

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New DSLR designed for Wildlife Photography breaks news of a top-of-the-line DSLR for wildlife photographers. Reading some of the features, I arrived at … Birds in-flight focusing mode!?  Wow!  Animal Eye Tracking!?  Amazing.  A built-in sound generator to produce animal calls.  Incredible … maybe literally, … Continue reading

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Stock Photography – Photographers Cry Foul!

Photographers are crying foul, rightfully so … but let’s try to understand what’s going on by stepping back and looking at the big picture. Why has Getty done this … and will other agencies follow suit? The full text at … Continue reading

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