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Audio Microphones for a DSLR or Compact System Camera

Many digital photography cameras have included the ability to record high-definition video, beginning with the Nikon D90 in 2008. The Canon 5D mk II (2009) was the first DSLR to be widely employed in film and television. Because video recording … Continue reading

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Accidentally Deleted A Memory Card

Have you ever formatted a memory card and then realized that there were images on that card you needed?  That’s exactly what I did recently on a video shoot.  Acting as a one-man video and audio crew, I was rather … Continue reading

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Wildflower Photography

One of the most important aspects of wildflower photography is controlling the background. Finding a clean background, that is not distracting, can be challenging. Controlling the background can sometimes be easy and sometimes difficult.  Thinking about it just now, here are … Continue reading

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Tree Silhouette At Sunrise

At 4:30am, I hiked out to the coastal headlands and arrived at White Head shortly before sunrise.  Although the weather was hazy, the pre-dawn light in the sky was interesting and beautiful.  As the sun rose to the horizon, the … Continue reading

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Demystifying Cameras … DSLR, Mirrorless, EVIL, etc

Let’s clear the air. Is the DSLR dead? And what exactly is a DSLR anyway? Ten years ago, most people assumed that DSLR meant “really good camera”. (Some folks still believe this.) Over the past three years, numerous commentators have … Continue reading

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Print Your Custom 12-month Wall Calendar

You can create your own custom books and wall calendars by uploading your photos to an on-line Print On Demand (POD) service, which prints the product and ships it to you. Order as few or as many copies as you … Continue reading

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Waterworks – rowboat drifting

  A print of this image will be exhibited in a juried art exhibit this month.  The framed print is 18×24 inches.  The uframed print is 12×18 inches (because that is what I can print on my 19″ Epson printer). … Continue reading

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Photography Workshop with Craig Blacklock

Photography books on my bookshelf include Eliot Porter, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, David Muench, and Craig Blacklock. I expect every nature photographer knows the first four names. The name Craig Blacklock (pronounced black-lock) is probably not as well known, but … Continue reading

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The ONE Filter Every Outdoor Photographer Needs

We need polarizing filters and I am not going to explain why.  Many other photographer-authors have already done that and I see no need to put my own spin on it.   But there may be differences between two polarizing filters, … Continue reading

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Tall Ships

. The phrase “tall ships” means tall-mast rigged sailing ships.  Historically important … modernly fascinating … and just plain fun.  These ships remind us of the golden age of sail, before the rise of motor power. The largest tall ships … Continue reading

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