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Wildflower Photography

One of the most important aspects of wildflower photography is controlling the background. Finding a clean background, that is not distracting, can be challenging. Controlling the background can sometimes be easy and sometimes difficult.  Thinking about it just now, here are … Continue reading

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Tree Silhouette At Sunrise

At 4:30am, I hiked out to the coastal headlands and arrived at White Head shortly before sunrise.  Although the weather was hazy, the pre-dawn light in the sky was interesting and beautiful.  As the sun rose to the horizon, the … Continue reading

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Demystifying Cameras … DSLR, Mirrorless, EVIL, etc

Let’s clear the air. Is the DSLR dead? And what exactly is a DSLR anyway? Ten years ago, most people assumed that DSLR meant “really good camera”. (Some folks still believe this.) Over the past three years, numerous commentators have … Continue reading

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Print Your Custom 12-month Wall Calendar

You can create your own custom books and wall calendars by uploading your photos to an on-line Print On Demand (POD) service, which prints the product and ships it to you. Order as few or as many copies as you … Continue reading

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Waterworks – rowboat drifting

  A print of this image will be exhibited in a juried art exhibit this month.  The framed print is 18×24 inches.  The uframed print is 12×18 inches (because that is what I can print on my 19″ Epson printer). … Continue reading

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Photography Workshop with Craig Blacklock

Photography books on my bookshelf include Eliot Porter, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, David Muench, and Craig Blacklock. I expect every nature photographer knows the first four names. The name Craig Blacklock (pronounced black-lock) is probably not as well known, but … Continue reading

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The ONE Filter Every Outdoor Photographer Needs

We need polarizing filters and I am not going to explain why.  Many other photographer-authors have already done that and I see no need to put my own spin on it.   But there may be differences between two polarizing filters, … Continue reading

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Tall Ships

. The phrase “tall ships” means tall-mast rigged sailing ships.  Historically important … modernly fascinating … and just plain fun.  These ships remind us of the golden age of sail, before the rise of motor power. The largest tall ships … Continue reading

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Sand Sculpting Competition

Among dozens of annual sand-sculpting competitions across the United States, some are open to amateurs, some are limited to proven master sculptors, and some include both.  Of the master competitions, two occur within New England.  By invitation only, master sculptors … Continue reading

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The Next Phantom Quadcopter Drone – Phantom 3

Last October, I listed Drones for Under $2000.  A week later, DJI announced a new quadcopter drone, Inspire 1, which was notable, but far above the $2000 price point. This week, DJI announced the third incarnation of it’s original Phantom, … Continue reading

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