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The Latest Drone – DJI Does It Again

January 23, 2018 – DJI officially announced the new Mavic Air, which again raises the bar for ease of use and safety for aerial drones. Having watched the announcement live this morning, here are the essential details I have noted (somewhat … Continue reading

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Pansonic Lumix G3, G5, G7, G85 and G9

Panasonic has long maintained two similar MFT camera lines, DMC-G series and DMC-GH series.  In general, the G series has been intended as mid-level cameras while the GH series has been a bit more high-end, but the differences have not … Continue reading

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New England Autumn Foliage Season

I love autumn in New England.  The colors of the leaves here are world famous.  The reason is the large number of sugar maple trees and a good number of red maple trees. If you are planning your fall vacation, … Continue reading

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Photography – Knowing Where To Stand

  In this particular case, standing on a tall bridge (with pedestrian walkway) provided a spectacular view. Where to stand?  I do ponder this question in advance whenever possible. But sometimes I don’t have detailed information in advance.   If I recall correctly, on the day … Continue reading

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Tall Ships photography Post-Processing

I first began photographing tall ships during SailBoston 2000. Since then, I have photographed tall ships many times from Philadelphia PA to Camden ME. SailBoston 2017 was not to be missed, being the largest gathering of tall ships in the … Continue reading

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Tulips at Boston Public Garden

The tulips at Boston Public Garden. are an annual rite of spring.  They are fun to photograph and I wanted to share some techniques with you. This first image was shot at 7am on a Saturday morning.  Early morning may … Continue reading

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How Do I Put A Custom Photo On My Bank Checks?

If you have a personal checking account, you can have your own photographs printed as custom backgrounds on your checks. While some of my bills are payed automatically, either through my bank or credit card, I do still write checks … Continue reading

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When will the cherry trees bloom in D.C. ?

This week, I was thinking that the trees may bloom very early this year, particularly as a friend in N.Carolina reported that dafodils bloomed early, in mid-February. Today, looking on-line at I see that the D.C. air temp through January and February this year … Continue reading

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A Flying Camera – DJI Mavic Pro

If you are a photographer or videographer and you are interested in the Mavic Pro drone primarily as a flying camera, then this article is for you. This is a run-down of camera controls and options, without discussing flight controls. … Continue reading

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What you need to know about blank DVD discs

What is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R ? The DVD-R standard (pronounced: DVD dash R) pre-dates DVD+R (pronounced: DVD plus R). Today, most DVD players can read both. A DVD burner may be specific to one or the other. … Continue reading

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