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An Evening with Photographer Joe Buissink

Just returned from seeing a presentation by photographer Joe Buissink. I confess Joe shattered any pre-concieved notions I held about high-paid celebrity photographers. He shared many images and his passion for capturing fleeting moments between people. He still shoots film … Continue reading

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Pixels (part 1)

Perhaps the most common question regarding digital photography is … how many megapixels do I need? The answer depends upon how you intend to use the photo. You need to answer two questions: how large will the photo appear (inches … Continue reading

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Water Lilly

Paddling the river this evening, I had planned on a quick trip; however, I stopped a half dozen times to photograph flowers (aquatic or nearly so). The day was waning and yet another stop may mean I would finish my … Continue reading

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Worth a thousand words?

While I have long loved nature photography, sometimes a still image, a photo, cannot possibly communicate a simple concept that a video can. Here is an example of moving fog with some unexpected colors. Although I tried to photograph this … Continue reading

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Here is an example that illustrates two concepts in composition. First concept is picture within the picture. Sometimes a perfectly good image includes another good image within it. Second is refinement; studying what you are looking at and understanding what … Continue reading

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Tall Ships

After some financial wrangling, the tall ships did come to Boston, though there were a few oddities. If I understand correctly, there was no formal parade of sail. And a few of the tallest ships were berthed at piers that … Continue reading

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Kodachrome is dead; long live Kodachrome

With the increasing dominance of digital photography, the demand for film has been ever decreasing (but not dead). It is amazing that Kodachrome endured to 2009. While most color transparency films are developed via E6 process, venerable Kodachrome films are … Continue reading

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Windows vs Mac -and- Nikon vs Canon

Windows 7 will be available later this year and most reports agree that it is the operating system that Windows Vista should have been. Considering Mac OS X and Windows 7, some people dare to say that the culture war … Continue reading

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Social media – reality vs hype

Personally, I know friends and family who tenatively signed up for social media, such as Facebook, at the urging of someone else, but ultimately do not find it compelling. Worse yet, for some people, social media is simply more noise … Continue reading

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Here is a very different type of image from Katahdin / Baxter State Park.     Both painted trillium and purple trillium are common in the northeast forests and both have a very small window of time during which they … Continue reading

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