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Ultimate Lens for Sports & Wildlife

There are telephoto lenses and there are telephoto zoom lenses. Then there are tele-extenders which increase the magification of a lens. And … then there is this; three telephoto zooms in one lens. However, it is still not available today, … Continue reading

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Essential Photo Gear

Among my photo equipment, perhaps the most critical accessory is also the simplest …  something to clean lenses and filters.  For this purpose, the microfiber cloth is the preferred tool.  Microfiber cleaning cloth for optical usage (cameras, eyeglasses, electronic display … Continue reading

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Giving (maybe seems a little crazy?)

This morning, I gave away ten copies of my book Wildflowers of RiverPark.  When I completed this book, a bit more than two months ago, I gave away a dozen copies.  All totaled, this is more than $300 out of … Continue reading

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